L3 Capital’s objective is to uncover market inefficiencies innate to retail real estate while simultaneously limiting each investment’s downside.

To this end, L3 Capital seeks and acquires undervalued properties, makes necessary improvements, and optimizes occupancy. While L3 Capital occasionally monetizes value-add properties on a 3-5 year cycle, the firm has the appetite, perspective and resources to invest in other properties with a longer horizon in order to realize maximum value.

In executing in concert with its philosophy, L3 Capital is guided by the following fundamental principles:
A focused strategy is paramount to achieving superior risk-adjusted returns. Focus provides the necessary depth to identify even the subtlest market imperfections or knowledge gaps, where investments in intellectual resources can be leveraged.

A robust deal pipeline is a primary competitive advantage in competing for equity investments. Moreover, the quality of a deal pipeline is directly correlated with the implementation of a focused strategy.

A multi-disciplined operating capability is essential to maximize profits in commercial real estate investments. A successful strategy is conditioned upon this ability to execute.

Constantly challenging assumptions to continuously create proprietary ideas that lead to fundamental investment initiatives and operating alternatives.